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Do You Have 24 Hours A Day? I Have 1000. By Bo Sanchez

November 2006

Sorry for the long silence in my blogs.
But hey, my Reality TV show, Preacher In Blue Jeans, has a brand new, exciting episode every single day! So I wasn’t silent at all but incredibly noisy!
I couldn’t write too many blogs during my hectic preaching trip in Indonesia. I was asking God to secretly give me 26 hours a day. “Lord, slip them in my back pocket when no one’s watching, so people won’t get envious.” But He shook his head and reminded me that He has already given me 1000 hours a day. (More on this later.)
If you watched my Indonesia episodes of Preacher In Blue Jeans, you would have gotten a feel for how wonderfully busy that trip was. (I’ll swing by there again when I make a preaching trip to Perth, Australia and Singapore on February 2007. See you!)
And when I landed back on Manila, I still couldn’t write my blogs because I had to give up my old laptop for a new one. Because Joy Sosoban, one of our new Kerygma editors, needed a laptop. So Kerygma editor-in-chief Rissa Singson wanted me to get the new laptop the office was buying, while my old computer gets passed on to Joy. (Sorry Joy, my laptop is an overworked, overstressed, overused animal.)
I’m a total slave driver when it comes to computers. When it comes to my staff, I’m just somewhat of a slave driver! Haha.
Actually, let me tell you a secret.
Do you know why our ministry is doing so well?
Because our staff of 75 people in our various organizations work harder than I do.
I have a favorite daydream.
It recurs so often, I think I’m obsessed.
I see myself walking up to them and giving them money. (Actually, this is just my second favorite daydream. My first favorite daydream is to see all my single female staff—like Rissa Singson—get married soon!)
My people work so hard for the Lord yet I know they don’t receive what they deserve. From writers to artists, janitors to accountants, cameramen to drivers, Anawim caregivers to laundry women (our ministry for the abandoned elderly)—all of them are my fantastic dream team of passionate servants for God.
And that’s why I have 1000 hours a day.
They multiply what I do for God.
I love working with my dream team.
Alone, a dedicated servant can do much for the Lord.
But together, a dream team of servants can do a thousand times more.
Join a team.

PS. Not many can work full-time like these 75 people. But you can still be part of our team by joining You may not be able to work full-time like these 75 people, but with your prayers and love offerings, you can be our very crucial support without which we won’t be able to do God’s work at all. You’re a very important part of our Dream Team! Thank you for saying YES to God by becoming a member of the


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