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Use Cutting-Edge Technology For God by Bo Sanchez

October 2006

Serve Him With All Your Skills & Talents

Who says serving God is boring?
Yesterday, I had a heart-pumping, adrenalin-bursting, blow-your-brains-out, 5-hour planning session with our IT head Bobby Galvez, our computer genius Paolo Abadesco, and our cameraman and video-editor Edwin Marcelo.
Let me talk about Paolo a bit.
I have never met anyone as computer-savvy as this guy. He even thinks like a computer—like I give him a problem, and snap, he spills out the answer in nanoseconds. With his wizardry, Paolo should be working at the top echelons of Google or Microsoft earning millions. But instead, he’s working for me for pennies, but using his incredible skills for the glory of God.
We talked about two huge projects:
First Project: Simultaneous Satellite FEASTs All Over The World
The FEAST is our huge gathering where we have Mass, lively worship, dynamic preaching, and prayers of blessing. Thousands of people are blessed by this live event.
But we have a problem: We were limited to one geographic place. How could we reach other cities of the world without the need for me to bi-locate like Saint Padre Pio? Even with dynamic Kerygma Preachers with me, we can’t cover even the major cities of Metro Manila—much less the Philippines or the world.
So here’s the plan: By next year, we’ll be organizing satellite FEASTs in different cities and parish churches all over the Philippines—and the world. How? Through the internet, we’ll be video-streaming the talk in the FEAST. There’ll be a little delay, but our goal is to make the broadcast as clear as possible.
So each week, in different cities and parish churches, people will gather for a FEAST. They’ll have live Mass and live Worship first—and then watch in a large screen the preaching of God’s Word.
Will it work? I have no idea. But we’ll give it all we’ve got to make it succeed.
And no, we won’t use a satellite—which is astronomically expensive. We’ll use the power of the internet. It’s mind-boggling, I tell you.
Second Project: Blog, Podcast, & Vodcast
Almost everyday, I’ll be writing my blog, uploading my audio or podcast, and uploading my video or vodcast in our websites, and In the blog, podcast, and vodcast, I’ll bring you with me wherever I go. You’ll meet the fantastic people I meet everyday. You’ll go to the great places I visit and see how God is moving all over the world.
Think of my podcast as my radio show and my vodcast as my TV show on the internet. Except everything is on demand when you want it, where you want it.
Cool, huh.
My blogs will be found in and my daily audio and video will be available in (Yes, you need to be a member of KFAM or to get the daily audios and videos, but membership is free anyway. Donations are optional.)
Okay, I’m getting too excited.
Need to rest a bit now and take deep breaths. Inhale, exhale… inhale, exhale…
I’ll be making announcements when all these things will happen very, very soon.
In the meantime, be like Paolo, like Bobby, like Edwin. Use all your skills and talents for the glory of God.

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