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Thank You For The TOYM Award by Bo Sanchez

November 2006

I Receive It In Behalf Of My Team, For Without Them I’m Nothing

Four days ago, I was named a TOYM awardee.
TOYM stands for The Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines. A few days from now, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will give me the TOYM award in Malacanang.
I’m deeply, deeply thankful.
First of all, I’ve always been wondering if I’m getting too old. Now I know I’m still young, with a tangible proof, in the form of an individually-chiselled TOYM statuette by National Artist Abueva.
Seriously, it’s a fantastic honor to receive the TOYM award. To those who nominated me (Thank you Randy Manaloto) and to those who judged me worthy of this award, I’m very grateful. And I offer back this award to God. The two great women of my life—my wife and my mother—cried buckets of tears upon learning that I became a TOYM awardee.
Honestly, I wasn’t looking for it, desiring for it, praying for it, or even thinking of it. Awards don’t figure high in my priority list. (Goodness, I didn’t even attend my college graduation. I was giving a retreat somewhere.)
All these years, I just busied myself serving God and serving God’s people.
Here’s my attitude to all awards: Some days, you get recognized for your efforts. At other days, you get crucified for trying to do good.
Today, I’m being recognized.
Praise God.
But I won’t let it dull me into thinking this is how all my tomorrows would look like. No, it won’t be. I’ve been persecuted in the past for doing what I believe was right—and I know I’ll be persecuted again.
Still, this won’t stop me from celebrating. This is a wonderful gift from above.
But here’s what I’m really celebrating even more than my award: To have the honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best. In a few days, you’ll be able to watch the TOYM interview in Preacher In Blue Jeans and meet the entire list of awardees.
In my next blogs, I’ll introduce them to you one by one.
In the meantime, all I can say is Thank You.
This award isn’t mine alone, but includes every person in my team. I receive this award in their behalf. I’m nothing without them. They have supported me all the way.
My family, my donors, my co-workers, my staff… You know who you are.
Thank you for being there.


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