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Find Your Place Under The Sun by Bo Sanchez

October 2006

You Were Born To Do One Thing

Today was superduper busy.
Funny I say that because every single day of my life is busy!
Like today, I worked again on my reality TV show, Preacher In Blue Jeans, and boy, it’s huge work. (Remember, you’ll see the first episode on November 1 on this website. Get ready to have fun and be inspired!)
Two dedicated, passionate guys are working with me on this: Randy Borromeo, our Director, and Edwin Marcelo, my cameraman and video-editor.
Oh, I pity Edwin.
Let me tell you what he did.
Yesterday, he captured me with his Sony 3CCD camera, rushed home to edit the film, and uploaded it to the internet. He slept at 4am this morning and woke up at 6am just to finish one thirty minute episode.
By 11am today, he was at my place shooting another one.
Poor guy. But you don’t see it on his face.
Because he loves his work.
And when you do, it isn’t work.
Edwin was telling me he was doing media work years ago, but then lost his way some years back. He ventured into selling insurance. But he was never happy. Until he finally went back to what he loved doing (media work) and viola—he rediscovered his call. He found his place under the sun.
And when you discover your place under the sun, you’re a different person.
You wake up with passion.
You get out of bed ready to conquer the world.
Man, I love working with my team. They’re fantastic guys.
Guess what.
Preacher In Blue Jeans isn’t the only thing I did today.
Are you ready? (Take a deep breath.) I also wrote 3 articles for Kerygma, wrote an article for Fish, wrote 2 project plans, wrote a marketing letter, wrote 27 letters to readers, wrote a blog (this one), and worked on the book I’m currently writing, Secrets Of The Rich.
But I love my work too.
Like Edwin, for a time, I got involved in administration and pastoral work in my Catholic Community, the Light of Jesus. I had to do that because I was the founder and presiding elder for many years. But thank God, I finally was able to pass on that work to guys better than me. And I finally returned fulltime to what I was born to do: preaching and writing. I’m still an elder of Light of Jesus (for some reason, they don’t want to kick me out) but I’m no longer the head honcho carrying all the problems of the world.
Yes, I’ve been playing all these years!
I’m having the time of my life and I can’t live any other way.
Gosh, I better end this blog.
It’s almost 1:00am and I need to sleep for another exciting day tomorrow.
In the meantime, find your place under the sun and live with passion!

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